Today, I took on the ENORMOUS challenge of cleaning and organizing the room of my oldest two children. (ages 7 & 4) Their room has been a disaster zone for weeks with no time to get it cleaned up, and such a mess that it’s been too overwhelming for them to even start! Generally this process involves LOTS of lost patience, LOTS of fit throwing from the 4 year old, and LOTS of yelling. Today I decided that maybe, just maybe, oils could come to our rescue! The kids were a little slow to get going this morning, so I decided to put a drop of Young Living En-R-Gee on their wrists, as well as diffuse some drops in our awesome diffuser. Then I rolled some Young Living Stress Away on my neck.

En-R-Geestress away

En-R-Gee contains:

  • Rosemary- to energize and reduce mental fatigue
  • Juniper- to improve circulation & aid in detoxifying
  • Lemongrass- to help ignite the lymphatic system & lift spirits
  • Nutmeg- to support adrenal gland for increased energy
  • Balsam Fir- to create feelings of empowerment
  • Clove- to help with memory and overcome fatigue
  • Black Pepper- to stimulate endocrine system & increase energy

Stress-Away contains:

  • Lime- to focus on present moment
  • Ocotea- to balance blood pressure
  • Cedarwood- to calm the mind
  • Lavender- to calm the body
  • Copaiba- to manage pain
  • Vanilla- for it’s sweet smell


I’m not gonna lie, it seemed to take ALL DAY to get their room clean. (ok, not really, but it was awhile…we even had to break for lunch) But, as I sit here tonight, I’m writing this to share with you because I realized that my 4 year old only threw ONE fit!  And I made it through the entire process only losing my patience ONCE! I’m really amazed! I am honestly still very skeptical about the “mood oils”, from what some would call my “hippie oils”, but when they work…I just have to share! It is SO exciting to me to WATCH these oils make a difference in our life and our home! #yloilsrock

If you’d like to learn more about how to get these oils, or more about Young Living, please feel free to message or contact me.


From Disastrous Mess to a lot Less Stress…

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