Hayfever got me…for a little while




Yesterday I woke up feeling my allergies come at me full force.  Because of the allergy bomb*, I haven’t had really any allergy problems to speak of so far this season.  (which is SO amazing!)  I got up and took my allergy bomb like normal and we headed out to a friends’ farm.  About half way through our drive I wasn’t feeling any relief, so I decided to apply some oils topically because I knew we would be outside all day.  I put lavender on my nose and around my eyes, lemon behind my ears, and applied some breathe again roll-on.  I was able to get some relief from my itchy/ watery eyes, and my head wasn’t feeling so foggy, but I could not get my nose to stop running ALL…DAY…LONG!

By late evening I was SO miserable I was worried I was getting sick.  In the past, my allergies have given me sinus infections quite regularly, and have even turned into summer bronchitis on occasion.  I knew that I did NOT have time for that, so I looked in my handy dandy oily Pocket Reference under “Hayfever”.  I had remembered a friend mentioning to do this if ever the allergy bomb wasn’t helping, so I knew what to look under.  I read through all the suggestions, and found my LEAST favorite oil was to be my saving grace for this terrible situation.

You don’t understand…me and Di-Gize…we don’t get along!  First of all, I can not STAND the smell!  It REEKS of black licorice, and although some of you out there may love the stuff, I do NOT.  Second, every time I have used it when constipated or tummy sick, I have ended up in the bathroom immediately after just 2 or 3 drops.  This suggestion was telling me to take TWO CAPSULES FULL of Di-Gize!  (that’s about 30 drops)

I stood there for a moment, collected myself, and said a prayer…if this was going to help me feel better, well, I was gonna try it no matter what the consequences may be!  (thinking a good visit to the bathroom would be in my near future)

So I did it, I took the 2 capsules full and I waited…and waited…

An hour later I realized I had not ended up in the bathroom, and better than that, ALL my allergy symptoms were GONE!  Yes, GONE! I couldn’t believe it, my “hippy oils” that so many make fun of me for came through again!  Not only was it so HUGE for me to feel better, it also showed me that somehow these awesome essential oils that God designed and gave us just “know what to do”.  Somehow when it needs to get the “sickies” out of me, it sends me to the toilet…and then on the other hand I can take 10 times the amount I usually do,and feel COMPLETELY relieved of my allergies!  SO AMAZING!

So, What’s in Di-Gize?  you say…  It contains 8 different oils to make it a blend and they are: tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, fennel, lemongrass, anise, and patchouli.  I find it so interesting that a blend that is constructed to aid in digestion problems can also help fix my allergy symptoms!

I am SO very thankful I was introduced to Young Living Oils!  If you’d like more info about them, check out my Oils 101 tab or contact me for more information.  I would love to help everyone get these oils in their hands and begin healing and living more naturally!



*the allergy bomb is 4 drops each lavender, lemon, and peppermint in a capsule.



2 thoughts on “Hayfever got me…for a little while

  1. Reblogged this on Transforming One Drop at a Time and commented:

    Di-Gize has truly been life changing for my allergies. Two days ago I experienced my third time where my allergy symptoms have gone haywire. Again I was amazed as some capsules filled with di-gize took away my watery eyes, runny nose, and constant sneezing. I got together with my girls Wednesday night for a Mom’s movie night, and they watched me as I filled a capsule with di-gize with my nose running so much it was dripping down onto my shirt. (eww) About halfway through the movie I realized my nose had nearly dried up, I hadn’t sneezed the entire movie, and my eyes weren’t watering! I sat there amazed, AGAIN, by the power of these little essential oils.

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