Falling Asleep Faster…


Every night I lay in bed and I spend at least an hour trying to fall asleep.  I’m usually praying, thinking, wondering, planning…well, you name it!  It is SO hard for my mind to shut down every night.  (Even though my husband is able to fall asleep in 3.4 seconds! 😉 )

I have tried a few different oils…Lavender helps a little bit, and I tried RutaVala roll-on and couldn’t stand the smell!  I found that Peace and Calming did a much better job for me.  BUT…I still couldn’t fall asleep very easily.  I decided to give Cedarwood a try because I had heard that it could help you focus, so I thought…why not try to focus on falling asleep faster?  I used it for a week or so, and thought it might be working, but I wasn’t really sure.  

The other night I was EXTREMELY tired!  I had worked out at the gym first thing in the morning, then I just kept going and going, doing all kinds of chores around my house and getting things ready to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad. (I had put on some En-er-gee, and boy did I have some!)  So by the time I got into bed I realized the Cedarwood was all the way in the kitchen and I didn’t want to walk across the house to go get it.  


Even though I had applied Peace and Calming, I just couldn’t fall asleep!  And I was TIRED!  Finally about midnight I decided to go get my Cedarwood and WHALAH!  Sleep came minutes later.  

Everyday these oils amaze me how they work so splendidly with my body!  

Join me on this oil journey!  I would love to share with you how Young Living has changed our lives and help you on your own oil journey.  Just comment below and I would be happy to help you!  (Check out the About section of my blog)

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