Frankincense…who knew it was still cool?

20140627_101920 - Copy  While at Young Living’s Lavender Farms I enjoyed a class on our seed to seal process.  During this class they had Dr. Hassan share about Frankincense.  His grandfather has the partnership for the fields Young Living uses in Somalia where we harvest our Frankincense.  What is so awesome is that he shared some of this frankincense resin with ME! (see pic below)  They chew on it like chewing gum, so the healing and life preserving properties of frankincense are absorbed through their gums.  His grandfather is 119 years old…119!!!  How amazing is that?20140627_113050

In Somalia, Frankincense resin is how they measure wealth.  1 kilo of frankincense resin = 1 million dollars! The picture below is a slide from the presentation, but I thought it was neat to see the resin “leaking” and being harvested from the trees.


20140627_121416In this picture is Dr. Hassan Saleh Hassan, a bottle of frankincense, and me!  Now, guess how old he is!  I was way off by my guess.  Post your guesses in the comments, whoever is the closest I will send a small package of samples.  Post your guesses by July 6th!

And here I am lounging in the lavender field for a nap…20140627_105813 (1)

These oils totally rock my world, and I would love for your world to be rocked as well!  You can shoot me a message for more info, or use the link below to sign up for your very own premium starter kit and begin your journey with essential oils! (Frankincense is in there!!!)  I will be glad to help you along the way!

in a kit

Update…he’s 56!

12 thoughts on “Frankincense…who knew it was still cool?

    • I know, I’m so SORRY I slacked on the response! Jenny Simmons was my very first guess, and she was RIGHT! I just couldn’t believe it! He was so neat to meet in person. The family’s love and care for the trees and their knowledge of their full value was awesome to learn about. 🙂

  1. AHHH! I forgot to post his age! I was talking with my friend Jenny Simmons today and she reminded me that she had guessed and still didn’t know! He is 56! Jenny was right! Congratulations! He was so peppy and energetic in person that I think it threw off my guess when talking to him. 🙂 Thanks for your guesses everyone!

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