Take my Pain AWAY!!!

While at convention on the first day I walked 16,637 steps, about 7.2 miles (thanks to my walking mate app) in FLIP-FLOPS!  I don’t know what I was thinking, but my feet were killing me!  When I put them up it felt like they were vibrating with the reverberation of the pounding of my feet on the concrete.  Oh it was SO painful I wondered how I would ever get to sleep, even though I was exhausted!

Well, my new friend and roommate for the week had whipped up some pain cream for her convention trip and she offered to share with me!  I wasn’t sure how much it would help, but within a half hour my pain had subsided enough for me to go to sleep!  I used this cream on my feet almost every evening and it was a life saver!  (Thank you Connie)IMG_85014692544701

I will be whipping up some of this for our home VERY soon.  No more IcyHot or other synthetic pain creams…time for an all natural choice!  I have been transforming our home one unnatural product at a time, and these oils have truly changed our lives.

4 thoughts on “Take my Pain AWAY!!!

    • I agree! So many uses. Another girl we were staying with used it on her shoulder because she was having pain from a car accident she’d been in a few days before. She said it worked great!

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