Get Back On The Horse




Back in April we went to visit one of my very best friends at her farm.  My children LOVE going there and playing with her children, as well as riding the horses.  It had been quite awhile since they had ridden horses, so I had completely forgotten about O’s horse allergy.  (When he was tested at the allergist, the nurse told me to keep Benadryl on hand when visiting a farm because his reaction was quite severe.)

So he gets on the pony and immediately starts sneezing profusely.  So much that he ends up startling the pony and gets thrown off. (no worries, it’s a short pony and Owen actually landed on his feet!)  He then walks back over to the sandbox and continues to sneeze over and over.  Then I notice that his breathing is getting faster and his face is changing color.  I begin to panic a little realizing that I had no Benadryl with me and no inhaler (not a proud mommy moment).  In my moment of panic I grab my Young Living Lavender Essential Oil.  I rub drops of oil all over his neck and cheeks.  Within minutes his breathing and face start to go back to normal and his sneezing stops.  About 5 minutes later, he is back to normal and ready to get back on the pony!  He was able to ride with no more issues!
owen horse allergyYoung Living Essential Oils have been life changing for our family.  Shoot me a message if you are ready to change and start this oily journey.  Or sign up to get your own starter kit using the link below and I’ll send you an awesome welcome bag!  (worth $40 retail)

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