Hayfever got me…for a little while

Di-Gize has truly been life changing for my allergies. Two days ago I experienced my third time where my allergy symptoms have gone haywire. Again I was amazed as some capsules filled with di-gize took away my watery eyes, runny nose, and constant sneezing. I got together with my girls Wednesday night for a Mom’s movie night, and they watched me as I filled a capsule with di-gize with my nose running so much it was dripping down onto my shirt. (eww) About halfway through the movie I realized my nose had nearly dried up, I hadn’t sneezed the entire movie, and my eyes weren’t watering! I sat there amazed, AGAIN, by the power of these little essential oils.

Wellness Momma


Yesterday I woke up feeling my allergies come at me full force.  Because of the allergy bomb*, I haven’t had really any allergy problems to speak of so far this season.  (which is SO amazing!)  I got up and took my allergy bomb like normal and we headed out to a friends’ farm.  About half way through our drive I wasn’t feeling any relief, so I decided to apply some oils topically because I knew we would be outside all day.  I put lavender on my nose and around my eyes, lemon behind my ears, and applied some breathe again roll-on.  I was able to get some relief from my itchy/ watery eyes, and my head wasn’t feeling so foggy, but I could not get my nose to stop running ALL…DAY…LONG!

By late evening I was SO miserable I was worried I was getting sick.  In the past, my allergies…

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