DIY Healthy Deodorant

I have been using clinical strength deodorant deodorant since I was a teenager.  I knew that there was talk of the harmful side effects of using an aluminum based deodorant out there, even that it could cause cancer with long term use, but I felt I had no alternative.  I tried natural deodorants and ones containing no aluminum, but they just couldn’t cut it.  Even before I began using essential oils I had been searching for an alternative because I felt that even  if it wasn’t a sure thing that the regular use of aluminum caused cancer, why not do all that I possible can to prevent it in myself?  Plus there are chemicals all around us, why not figure out a way to rid myself of being exposed to that one on a daily basis?  So when I found out that others had ditched their deodorants for some coconut oil mixed with Young Living Essential Oils I thought, why not give it a try?  What have I got to lose?

Deodorant recipe

So early this spring I decided to try making my own deodorant.  I whipped up the above recipe with my Young Living Essential oils to create a mixture that smelled amazing…now I had to see if it actually worked.  I had been told by others who had made the switch to give it a full week before deciding if it was working or not.  The first few days I got a little worried because it really wasn’t working at all and I was feeling a little stinky!  But I stayed strong to my one week commitment and around day 6 and 7 I noticed a change.  I kept using it and found that it began to work even better than the stuff that had all the chemicals in it.  I haven’t had to go back to that yucky clinical strength deodorant from the store, I just make my own.

My recipe has changed a little every time I make it.  The most recent blend I put together is 1/4 c. coconut oil, 1/4 c. sweet almond oil, 6 drops purification oil, 6 drops lavender oil, 6 drops lime oil, 1 tsp. cornstarch, and 1 tsp aluminum free baking soda.  You can whip it up in your mixer, but since I was doing a small batch this last time I just used a stainless steel bowl and whisk.  My 7 year old helped me make this batch, and she loved putting all the drops in and whipping it up for me.

My deodorant

In our home we have made switches like this one above by changing out one item at a time.  We also make our own hand soap with essential oils and do most of our cleaning with essential oils now too!  (that will be another blog post)  What have you done in your home to get rid of chemicals and toxins?  Do you make some things yourself?  I would love to hear what others are doing!

If you have never used essential oils before and would like to learn more, check out my Oils 101 section.  If you would like to get some essential oils of your own, please contact me and I’d be happy to help you.  Or you can click the How to Get Oils section to learn how to get your own oils!  🙂

UPDATE 10/17/14:

The recipe using the sweet almond oil was NOT a good fit for my body and I think the almond oil was the reason why.  I went back to my original recipe with some added baking soda this time, and I’m liking it.  Don’t give up if one mix doesn’t work for you. You have to find what works with your body chemistry.

6 thoughts on “DIY Healthy Deodorant

  1. like your recipe and I’m going to give it a try. I just start to use essential oils and I have been learning about them. I have Lavender, Lime, Thieve…now I will be getting the Ginger to rubber on my knees…nice blog!

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  3. You are so right…you’ve got to blend and try until you find the right fit. So nice of you to share your thoughts and tips and recipe. I’ve been making my own for many years. Glad to hear that not every recipe works for everyone…I’d been doing this for so long and some worked, some didn’t. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one. Have an awesome day! Koko❀

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