Finding God In Your Unlikely

Today I attended a Women’s Encouragement Day for Homeschool Mom’s.  I went with little expectations because this was my first event as a homeschool mom that I was attending.  We began this homeschooling journey just this past year, and the decision was made about 2 weeks prior to school starting that we would become a homeschool family.  My little second grader was going to learn from mommy and not go back to private school.  It was somewhat harder on my husband than anyone else, because she was leaving the school he graduated from.  But I had felt gently nudged by the Lord (ok, tapped on the shoulder repeatedly) that homeschooling my children was all in His plan for our family.  I so much enjoyed the event today spending time with other moms and being encouraged and lifted up to continue my work in our home with our children. I have a great desire in my heart for my children to be not just siblings but best friends!  I love the opportunity that they have with being homeschooled to spend an incredible amount of time together.  It’s not always easy and fun, but when I see them spending quality time with one another and loving each other, I truly relish those moments because they fill my heart with immense joy.


Some years ago, homeschooling was my unlikely.  I was teaching in a public school, and never even thought homeschooling was a journey that I would take my family on.  And in recent years, I didn’t want to homeschool because I didn’t want the added work.  I thought it would be too hard to manage spending time with all my children and teach them!  I spent many hours in prayer looking for guidance on seeing if this was the right step for my family.  Diving into homeschooling has been an immense blessing for me. In this short time of our first year of homeschooling, there have been lots of ups and downs, and many times I have felt like a failure.  Times that I have felt like I’m not good enough and not able enough to do EVERYTHING!  I can’t teach her everything, I can’t keep everything clean, I can’t be involved in everything, and I can’t be everything.  I had many moments where I focused on my brokenness.  I focused on how I couldn’t be enough for my family.  Couldn’t be enough to be a good mom, couldn’t be enough to be a good wife, couldn’t be enough to be a good teacher, couldn’t be enough to be a good friend.  (See where I’m going?)  Do you ever feel this way?  What about if instead of focusing on our brokenness, we look to Him and behold His beauty.  We look to Him to find our change so that we CAN be wonderful moms, wives, teachers, and friends!  Failures are not about what we are not, but who He is.  He uses our failures to mold our unique spirits.  He uses our failures to help us grow into His plan  for the kingdom.  When life gets hard and you feel broken, respond by looking to Him instead of the bitterness and negativity we sometimes let creep into our hearts as moms.

To get me through moments where I need some calming to my spirit, I use the oil blend Believe on my wrists and over my heart.  It contains Idaho Balsam Fir to give a feeling of strength and inner peace, Coriander, Bergamot which is simultaneously uplifting and calming with the ability to relieve stress and tension, Frankincense which can help in overcoming stress and despair, Idaho Blue Spruce has an aroma that is grounding, Ylang Ylang promotes relaxation and restores confidence, and Geranium which helps with relaxation.


What do you use to help you in your times of feeling like a failure?  Do you search for God in your unlikely?  Can you find Him in your brokenness and reach to Him for counsel in His word?  After spending time with so many moms today I am working on a change in my heart.  To converse with Him even in the tiniest of moments so I can grow closer to Him.  To whisper sweet prayers over my children with each hug.  To cry out to Him when another trip down the stairs is made to change laundry.  To look up to the heavens out our kitchen window and rejoice in His beauty while doing the dishes.  What are ways you can carry on conversations with God throughout your day?

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