Gifts and Talents

This past Sunday I was blessed to hear a wonderful sermon.  Our speaker at our church shared about gifts and talents, and read over the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25.  This man is very blessed to have three beautiful teenage daughters who are very talented in many areas, and although he touched on their abilities in music, art, or academics, what got him choked up was sharing about each daughter’s individual character quality that he was able to witness in them while they have served and helped others.  He talked about how when the girls were doing those things he was able to see Christ shine through to reach others in his daughter’s actions.  Now, he wasn’t just standing up there bragging about his daughters, he was trying to demonstrate how the love of Christ can shine through us when we are helping others.

I sat there reflecting on my own life, wondering how I was able to do the same thing?  I want to show the love of Christ to all I meet.  I desire to serve the Lord in however He sees fit.  I thought about how my husband and I have been able to direct Junior Retreats for our church and how blessed we felt serving in that ministry.  How neat it was to witness those children sharing testimonies about serving the Lord or witnessing a healing, and watching them as they learn more about Him and study their scriptures. I also reflected on my past 4 years as VBS director here at my congregation, and how I am about to tackle a 5th year and although I have grown a little weary of the responsibility, I still long to serve the Lord this way to bring more children opportunities to learn about Christ.

I bowed my head in prayer and asked the Lord, how can I serve You more?  What can I do on a daily basis to not just show kindness, but to help others?  I felt like He whispered to me and said, you are helping others…through your work with the oils.  You see, Young Living isn’t just a business, and really for me, it’s not even about the business.  It’s about how can I help and serve others with the knowledge that I’ve gained about essential oils.  Young Living isn’t just a company, it’s a family!  It’s a group of people devoted to sharing God’s healing oils.  Devoted to living healthier lives and seeking out natural ways to heal their bodies.  I desire for God to grow my heart to help me serve as many as I possibly can!  Helping people find the right oils to ease their allergies, minimize their back pain, or have more control ovet their heart health are such great testimonies of mine that the Lord answered through prayer, using the oils, and providing ideas of a natural way to help that person.

handfull of oils2

I only hope that He can show me more ways to continue to serve Him in all that I do.  What are some ways you serve the Lord?

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