Hair Makeover!

Yesterday was cold and snowy, so we were looking for something to do while cooped up in the house!  My daughter loves doing “girly” things, so we decided to try a recipe for a hair mask using Young Living Oils.  She is growing her hair out, and the ends were getting a little brittle, so I was hoping it would help.  We had a lot of fun, and she loved doing Mommy’s hair!

Hair Mask

We worked in each oil, 5 drops at a time and let me tell you…we smelled A-MAZ-ING!  Then we worked in the coconut oil.  We were oily messes, so I twisted our hair up in buns.  (top pic)  After 90 minutes (you can do 20-90, whatever you have time for) we rinsed our hair with warm water, then washed it with Young Living’s Lavender-Mint shampoo and conditioner.

My daughter’s hair turned out incredibly soft and beautiful!  It was amazing!  We don’t use any products on her hair, so I think that’s why hers came out better than mine.  For me, my ends appear to be repaired, and my hair is very soft and smooth.  I blow dry and flat iron my hair about every other day, so my ends were awful before.  There also was far less frizz than normal.  I am very impressed!

What a wonderful way for us to spend time together and do something fun!

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