So this morning, first thing while trying to get breakfast made up and served to my 3 children, my middle child (5 years old) began defying my authority and throwing a fit about cereal. (He struggles with understanding and controlling his emotions) I lost it! His fit became my fit, and I have no excuse. We have truly been working on yelling in our house, and all that work went out the window in my lack of patience this morning. After all had calmed down and nerves subsided, Joy oil came to mind. I put some on my heart and a few drops in the diffuser. The rest of the morning has gone smoothly and it has taken our “grumpies” away! Thank you Lord for JOY oil!

Wellness Momma



Many of us want more Joy in our lives, I know I do!  I feel like many things in my life bring me joy, so I wondered how a tiny little oil bottle that said Joy on it could bring any to me…

I’m a real skeptic of the “mood oils”.  They have great names like Joy, En-R-Gee, Stress-away, Believe, Grounding and Motivation…just to name a few!  I didn’t really understand how they could work to help, change or improve my mood.

Joy was an oil that I received when I purchased my premium starter kit and signed up for my wholesale discount.  I REALLY didn’t like how it smelled when I opened the bottle, so I put it away in my little oil bag, and there it sat for months.  The aroma was powerful, and I didn’t like it, so I never used it and really didn’t think…

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