A Green Lemon?

About a year ago I fell in love with a new essential oil…Jade Lemon!  I got it last summer because I wanted to try it in my water to see if it would help me drink more and get all the daily ounces I needed.  I never really though twice about the name, just figured it was a different lemon than the regular one we find in the grocery store.  I mean, there are different kinds of apples and oranges, so I figured the same went for lemons?  Well, one day in my reseajade lemonrch on oils, I actually discovered that these were actually green lemons!  I thought that was pretty cool, so I dug deeper.

Jade Lemon has a great history.  In the mountains of Taiwan grows a small tree that produces small, green lemons; it is known as “mountain lemon”.  The Mountain Lemon tree is very hardy in higher elevations where it enjoys cooler weather and daily cloud mists.  However, the Mountain Lemon fruit is small.  A scientist from Taiwan grafted branches from the
common Citrus limon tree onto Mountain Lemon root stock to create Jade Lemon trees.  Jade Lemon trees can withstand the cool mountain weather, yet produce large green fruit when ripe.  So now they can be grown in many locations with moist, mild climates in Taiwan and China.

Now to get the amazing oil that I love so much, Jade Lemons are picked, thoroughly washed, then micronized into a puree to release the essential oil.  The aroma of Jade Lemon essential oil will remind you of a blend of lemon and lime essential oils.  I really enjoy this in my water in the mornings, I find it invigorating!  My littles seem to want more drinks of Momma’s water when I have jade lemon in it.  It’s definitely one I’d love for everyone to try!  What helps you get all your water in a day?

Want some Jade Lemon for yourself?  Contact me and I’ll tell you how to get some.

Want to learn more about Young Living Essential Oils?  Please check out my  Wellness Momma Website!

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