Tips For Breaking Your Soda Addiction

These are some great tips. I’m so thankful I gave up soda a couple years ago. It was truly an addiction for me and I realized that I needed to give it up. It all started because I began a journey with Whole 30, which is a program derived from the book It Starts With Food. I was giving up LOTS of things for 30 days, and I truly thought, I can do ANYTHING for 30 days because there is an end in sight! The first week was tough, I really craved that afternoon soda! But as the days continued it got easier. When we finished the 30 days, I decided to continue with this no soda thing. I am glad to say that besides the occasional root beer (usually when traveling) I haven’t had any soda. I was ADDICTED to Diet Coke, and not only was it awesome for my body to give it up, it was great for my pocketbook as well!

Nature's Knowledge


Soft drinks do more harm to your body than good. Regular consumption of soft drinks affects your bones, teeth and waistline among other parts of your body. Here are some tips on how to break soda addiction.


Most of us know that soda is not good for us, but we still drink it anyway. The refreshing jolt, pleasant fizz and sweet taste of soda feels like the only thing that can quench thirst, wash down a meal and get you through a hot afternoon. Whether you are a regular consumer of soda (regular or diet), or an occasional sipper, cutting down on your intake will have many benefits to your health. Here are some reasons why you should cut back on sodas and how to make the process bearable.

Why You Should Stop

One of the major problems with consumption of soda is the excess calories they contain. Theā€¦

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