Memories got me today

Does a song ever come on the radio, that sparks a memory, that generates some tears?  It happened to me today and completely caught me off guard.  In all the cleaning of clutter I’m trying to do in my home I came across an old CD that my sister and I used to listen to A LOT when we were younger.  It’s the Judds Greatest Hits collection, and I think we loved it so much because we could sing along and belt out the lyrics to the songs.  I was feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to play it in the CD player in our van while driving somewhere today.  We were on the interstate when this song came on…

It hit me fast.  The tears pricked my eyes as I thought about my grandparents.  You see, I had really awesome ones!  We lived very close to both sets of our grandparents.  My dad’s parents lived just down the street and we were there all the time!  We spent many afternoons there and they took us to most of our activities that we participated in.  They were at every recital or performance and lots of sports games.  I miss them all so very much and I wish I would have learned even more from them than I did.  I didn’t realize that my time with them would feel so short.


These amazing women were my grandmothers.  I wish I could still talk to them…

But they continue to inspire me to work harder and try for more.  They were very hard workers and seemed to always be doing something.  They were both wonderful cooks and it seemed that it was one of their favorite things to do…feed their family.  I think of them often when making food from scratch in the kitchen.

Take time to spend with your grandparents, ask them questions and learn about your family history.  I promise, it’s totally worth it, and it’s good for the soul.

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