I HATE Junk Food!

This past weekend was a little tough around here.  Being fully committed to our Brain Balance plan and completely changing our food.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, no refined sugar, no processed food, no junk…NOTHING!

Now that’s hard for anyone, but for a 6 year old who already ate a restricted diet because he is so picky…it is SUPER FRUSTRATING!  It’s been really tough for him to understand, and really, he’s done so much better than we anticipated.  BUT he seems to constantly be telling us he’s hungry, and that’s hard for a mom to hear all day!  I know he’s not starving, I know he’s ok, but it’s still hard to hear and hard to see him break down because the food he knows and loves is no longer a part of his life.

Saturday night I went to bed really unsettled.  I started getting really angry at the food industry in general.  Why do they have to make so much food that gives us absolutely NO nutrition?  Why is it in our face and advertised EVERYWHERE?  Why do they have to put sugar in EVERYTHING?  It is all around us and makes my job of feeding my kids healthy nutritious food that much harder.  Constantly having to tell him that a particular food isn’t on our plan and we’ll have to look for a healthy recipe to make that item at home isn’t a good enough answer for him right now.

I know it will all come in time.  He will adjust, he will get used to it, and in the long run this is what is BEST for ALL of us.  But right now, I REALLY hate junk food!

What do you think?  How do you handle encouraging healthy eating when there’s all this bad stuff all around us?

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2 thoughts on “I HATE Junk Food!

  1. I agree. I found a blog/website. 100 days of real food that has recipes on it. No sugar or preservatives. Usually adaptations for gluten free.

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